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Tooth decay can lead to cavities if it is not addressed by our dentist. If that cavity is not treated, it can allow an infection to set in, which may require a root canal. Tooth decay can also lead to a lost tooth over time. At Fircrest Family Dental, Dr. Brian Han provides composite dental fillings in Fircrest, Washington.

Composite fillings have become very popular over the years, and more and more dentists are using them in place of amalgam fillings. After removing the decayed tooth material, our dentist will mix up a composite resin to match the color of your tooth. Then, he will place the composite in the cavity in layers, curing each layer before adding the next. The composite shapes itself to the space in your tooth and bonds directly to the surface of your tooth, making your tooth stronger and preventing decay from reaching under the filling. Composite fillings do not need to be replaced since the dentist can add more layers of composite if necessary. Composite fillings contain no mercury or other hazardous substances, but perhaps the biggest reason for their appeal is the fact that their color makes them practically invisible to other people.

If you have a cavity and would like to learn more about composite dental fillings, call 253-843-6033 and make an appointment with one of our team members.