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As part of your visit to Fircrest Family Dental, our team may take digital X-rays of your mouth. Our dentist can use X-rays to evaluate your smile for the following issues:

  • Bone loss in the jaw or sinuses
  • Problems with fillings
  • Infections that may require a root canal
  • Cysts, abscesses or tumors
  • Developmental problems
  • Any changes in your mouth or teeth

In the past, dentists used traditional X-rays, which meant biting down on a piece of film or holding the film against the roof of your mouth. However, Dr. Brian Han uses digital X-ray technology, which is faster and more comfortable than conventional X-rays. Digital X-rays use lower amounts of radiation, which means they are safer for patients. And, since they can be accessed instantly on a computer screen, they do not require developing chemicals, making them better for the environment. They are easily stored and are perfect for following the changes in your mouth over time. In addition to using them during your routine visit, Dr. Han usually takes X-rays before performing dental implants or root canals or for orthodontics.

To learn more about how digital X-rays in Fircrest, Washington, can improve your smile and your dental experience, call our office today at 253-843-6033 to schedule your appointment.