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Tooth decay or even a microscopic crack can allow harmful bacteria to infect the interior of your tooth. This can result in a great deal of discomfort and if left untreated can lead to an abscess that can cause problems for your oral health and could result in the loss of the tooth.

However, our dentist may be able to save your tooth using root canal therapy. Dr. Brian Han will access the interior of the tooth and remove the infected pulp and the nerve. After cleaning and sterilizing the pulp chamber, Dr. Han will slightly enlarge the chamber, place a medicated filler material in it and then protect the tooth with a dental crown. Although the pulp keeps your tooth alive, the structure of the tooth can remain intact without it. Through a root canal, Dr. Han can help you keep your tooth and maintain your smile. In most cases, a root canal only takes one or two visits, and with modern pain control techniques, our team can keep you comfortable throughout your appointment.

If you are having trouble with one of your teeth and you would like to find out if root canal therapy in Fircrest, Washington, could help, call Fircrest Family Dental at 253-843-6033 today for your appointment.