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Simply put, pulp capping can be used an alternative when possible to root canal therapy. If your tooth becomes decayed or is damaged by trauma, bacteria from your mouth has access to the pulp in the center of your tooth. In addition, treating a tooth for decay may sometimes involve the chance that the pulp may be exposed. This pulp is important since it contains the nerves and blood vessels that keep it alive. While the structure of your tooth can be kept intact with a root canal, pulp capping can allow you to keep the healthy pulp in your tooth.

Indirect Pulp Caps: In some cases, our dentist may come very close to exposing the pulp in the process of removing tooth decay. In this situation, he may not remove all of the decay but instead cover it with a resin that is biocompatible to seal it off and keep it from spreading further.

Direct Pulp Caps: In cases where removing tooth decay does involve exposing the pulp, the dentist can seal the pulp chamber, often using a material called calcium hydroxide and then sealing it for further protection.

If one of your teeth has been causing you discomfort, call Fircrest Family Dental at 253-843-6033 today for an appointment with Dr. Brian Han to see if pulp capping in Fircrest, Washington, is right for you.