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Have you been experiencing any discomfort in your teeth lately? Dental health involves more than just the part of your teeth you can actually see. Endodontics focuses on the health and treatment of the dental pulp in your teeth. The pulp contains the nerves, cells, tissues and blood vessels that keep your teeth healthy. If that pulp becomes compromised by an infection, the result can be an abscess in your tooth, which can affect your jaw and other parts of your body. In years past, such an infection meant an extraction. However, through the use of endodontic treatments, the infection can be addressed and the tooth can often be saved. Following an endodontic procedure, the tooth is usually capped to protect its integrity and prevent another infection. Dr. Brian Han and the team at Fircrest Family Dental can improve the health of one or more of your teeth with the following endodontic treatments in Fircrest, Washington.

If you are feeling discomfort in one of your teeth, you don’t have to continue to deal with the pain. Call our office at 253-843-6033 to see our dentist. Even if you do not need a root canal or endodontic treatment, our team will make sure that you leave our office with a healthy smile.