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If you take a walk up and down the dental aisle of your local drug, grocery or box store, you will be sure to see a number of different products designed to give you a whiter, brighter smile. While there is no shortage of teeth whitening products, not all of those products do what they claim, and some of them may not be right for you. With so many options and so little known about them, what should you do?

The answer is to make an appointment to see our dentist, Dr. Brian Han, for a teeth whitening treatment in Fircrest, Washington. The whitening treatments at Fircrest Family Dental are safe, and you will notice results right away.

The process of whitening your teeth is relatively easy. Our dentist will use a tray fitted to your smile filled with a peroxide gel that will break up the stains on your teeth. Keep in mind that even after your treatment, you teeth can be stained though a number of ways such as poor dental hygiene, dark-colored foods and drinks and even white wine, which has a high acid content, tobacco use, aging, and certain illnesses and medications. Keeping an eye on your diet and habits and returning to our office for touch-up treatments can help keep your teeth looking great. If you are ready to turn up the volume on your smile, call 253-843-6033 today to schedule your appointment.